Here’s That Kamiya Saki Solo, Finally

If you’ve been keeping up with GANG PARADE this year, you might remember around the time Brand New Parade was released that leader and marathon expert of WACK, Kamiya Saki, won a group-wide competition for her own solo song. If you forgot that was a thing, so did Saki herself, apparently!

Anyway, here it is.

Not gonna lie, this MV gives me a lot of DiPROMiSE vibes, which makes me rather nervous. Or the whole “Here’s her career so far” vibe just could have been done out of sheer laziness, considering Saki didn’t even seem to be aware there was a video in the first place. Anyway, we’ll know for sure if I’m crying on twitter later.

The song’s not bad, either. I can forgive it being another Kentacore ballad just because its sung entirely by the woman who drew fanart of a dumb Watanabe edit I made. It’s already out on most digital platforms, so go give it a listen if you liked the lyric video!