I See That Debuts Are Still in Fine Shape: Meet LAST IN MY CULT

Okay, shut up, I’m late to the party, so sue me.

So a lifetime ago (Saturday), a buzz swelled up and over the wota scene like

Is … is that a kazoo?

Yeah, folks were popping off about these girls the other day, and for good reason — we get our share of punk idols, but not many who sound like the second coming of punk rock itself with idol as an incidental feature. If I didn’t know any better (time travel isn’t real!), I’d swear that I already own some of their music on a compilation CD somewhere.

Of course, folks were also popping off because this unit marks the return to loudol of a familiar face from a cursed unit, Katsuki, formerly of the all-time award winner for Most Hype And Least Payoff, Yamitsuki Company. I will admit that I would not have figured that out on my own, as while I can look at that official group photo and think, dang, I see familiar faces, the truth is that I think that I see so many idols that a lot of the new girls tend to blur together into amalgams of each other — gun to my head, if you pointed me at Katsuki without any visual aids (like her name) and screamed WHO IS THAT I’d stutter for a second and then say OH COOL GOOD TO SEE FUMIKA BACK IN ACTION.

Idol blogging is hard on the brain, you guys.

Anyway, to return to the business at hand, that up there is one of the strongest right-out-of-the-gate demos I’ve heard since getting into this mess — though, in context, there’s a legacy here (see Company, Yamitsuki; above) and I’m going to be watching LAST IN MY CULT like a hawk, and hope that the name isn’t indirectly referencing something way more ominous. They debut on Feb. 3. Hold on to your butts.

2 thoughts on “I See That Debuts Are Still in Fine Shape: Meet LAST IN MY CULT

  1. there was a discussion on their outfits among some japanese crusties. they where offended they put all those bands they (quite surely) never heard of on there.
    just realized how sick it wouldve been if they actually did love those bands and sounded like em. i’d be down for some Lärm induced idolpowerviolence, proto idolgrind ala Siege or some gloomy The Mob inspired post idolpunk

  2. Makes me wonder just how many idols are actually fans of the genre of the music they do. I mean other than the solo projects like Garuda, 2&, Hikari Shiina, etc.

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