Would You Like to Help Fullfull Pocket Plan Their Set?

Kinda needed this one after that other business

This is such a cool promotion! Fullfull Pocket, who are plenty of fun if you’re willing to give some rather tradols a try,

Basically, for their regular lives beginning Oct. 9, fans are invited to submit their personal Fullfull Pocket top 10; management will turn the aggregate into a list of what the fans writ large want to hear, and then the members decide the set list. Neat! Continue reading

Here’s the Winning Gokigen Teikoku Fan-edited MV

Well, guys, I hate to break your hearts, but neither Terry nor Viz Major nor any of a number of us otherwise won Gekijo-ban’s contest to create the official MV for “Important Announcement”:

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It’s World Dots Day! What Are You Doing?

Please allow the record to show that Homicidol Maniac is sick as a damn dog these last couple of days, and is actually taking a day off from work(!) to recuperate, but could not in good conscience fail to kick off #WorldDotmination.

Hello everybody! In a few hours, the evil dragon that is the cosmos’s eternal enemy will make its latest attempt to consume the sun and plunge the world into darkness (especially for North American audiences) the most epic solar eclipse in many of our lives will commence. The bright glowing orb in the sky, giver of all life, will in fact become a black disk. A dot. Continue reading

100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 49: Cordial

It was fan meetup day in the Codomomentalverse, and of course Not Secured, Loose Ends was not only there, but in their finest:

(so was Zenkimi, if you’re interested)

The members’ takes? Continue reading

100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 44: Communion

The first Tsurezure fan meetup event doodad is on Sunday, and the Not Secured, Loose Endsiverse is abuzz about it:

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 40: Multimedia

Well, in the end, we got not one announcement, but two!

The first is that there’s going to be a Codomomental radio thing:

Every Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. in Japan! Good for them. And, announcement #2, NSLE will have themselves a fan fest of sorts just like big sisters Zenkimi:

I take all of these developments as being very good things. Keep building that reach. Keep connecting with fans. Keep being awesome. Continue reading

This Is Giving Me Hope for a Really Bad Idea

Lee posted this in the Alternative Idol group yesterday, and my heart swelled a little to see it:

That’s right — CD Japan’s going to be tracking international sales. Just theirs for now, but the sentiment in there, that other outlets will line up and provide figures of their own, that’s a great development. Yes, the really great thing is that maybe we’ll all start to matter more to the Japanese music industry, but the extraordinarily selfish part of me is practically leaping for joy at the possibilities. Continue reading

Oh Look, Zekkyou’s Going Back over Their Torture-Wota Stuff Again

Updated to reflect Jul’s note in the comments

Screaming Sixties are just about the hardest-working idols in the business; when they aren’t performing, they’re traveling to perform, and/or creating various ridiculous scenarios. I don’t understand half of what’s going on, but they seem to be enjoying themselves, as do the fans who line up to take part in … I’m not sure. It’s like a funhouse of being turned into a prop or hit with things.

Anyway, Zekkyou’s been posting some of the greatest hits from their episodes with wota, kind of like how they did last year, and sharing the results on Twitter. I’m actually leaving out some activity (you can cruise through their whole stream for much of the fun); I just wanted to include some highlights.

Like Shoot-a-Wota:


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The Rules Aren’t the Problem; The Fans Are

Update, the official statements:


I had to readdress this point a few times because I couldn’t think of a way to write about this without being guaranteed to piss off at least a few people, though I think I managed to settle into minimum offense.

First, the particulars:

The story is actually fairly clear if you use Google’s translator, so give it a go, but the important thing is this: Sakura Yuki, the Snow-chan of Kamen Joshi and Joanna Lumley fame, was recently the subject of death threats by an obviously deranged wota. The person has been arrested, and Yuki is safe, and that’s what matters, though there’s more in the details if you care to read.

Aside from the obvious concern for the well-being of a well-known personality, there’s a lot to take away from this story. Continue reading

PassCode Says Hi

This is a hell of a thing to wake up to:

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