It’s Time for the Lovely Pain of New Tsurezure, Y’all

Happy Friday indeed! Ever since The Idol Formerly Known as Yukueshirezutsurezure made it known that, finally, a new album would be on the way, I’ve been waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse. For a unit as … not iconic, maybe, but also kind of iconic, NSLE has actually had their share of sound experimentation. However, when they decide that it’s time to tease that new album, and the track in question is self-titled (and the album is exFallen, my goodness), you get the feeling that this is as rootsy as their material can be.

It says two hours, but you know the drill.

Listen to the song forever!


YxTxHxC ホモサピエンスにして四足獣メス
日出る国 色彩鮮やかな Screamと感情の応酬
行方など解らずとも つれづれに往く

嫌う「万歳」 YES,賛成 抗いに生 見出す辺り
払う暗影 煙る奸計 巡る繁栄… お口にはチャック

異端個性 被弾処刑 業
悲惨虚勢 非難お礼 Disaster
懸命に猛れ 果ての死合う半ば 牡丹一華

改。泣いた 過去振り切った それでも不確かな時代と凶
さめざめ 涙 求め希望に 絡まる糸もがくような Days

痛みと共に進むイメージ 七転び八起きいつも通り

本物オン特売 美学強制 痛く共生 右向け右で
自虐のせい? 売り切り派生? 独自性 失う未来

in fact that, is faced with, CHAOS
Spiral life, 不快なるLie α
永遠の禊 淡く数小節の雄叫びに

誰がため。咲いて 守り誓った いつかの理想胸に掲げて
誰がため。咲いた ぼくは結んだ もう二度と離れないように

理由、この世に留まる物語 君が今も何処かできっと

誰がため。咲いて 守り誓った 今、君に寄り添えるように
誰がため。咲いて ぼくは誓った その手が震えてるならば
改。咲いた 免罪符だと。君が笑えている光に
君の未来が ぼくの存在。


As for the album release info, how about we let that English-language fan club (which you can totally join!) get in on the act?

All we need now is an appearance by Kaqriyo Terror Architect to make this the Summer of Codomomental. In the meantime, I get one of my very favorite things back!

3 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Lovely Pain of New Tsurezure, Y’all

  1. i have to say i think this is far from their best song to date. its forgettable, and thats sad.

    is there any tracklisting out yet already for the new album?

    • I have to agree. An utter lackluster after Paradise Lost and Phantom Kiss. Perhaps it’ll find its place on the album.

      As far as I know, no complete tracklist has yet been revealed but Shidare tweeted a while ago that the album will contain at least Paradise Lost, Phantom Kiss, Miss Sins, and Loud Asymmetry.

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