A Friday Fun for Only the Worst Possible Conclusions

Sorry I’m so bad at introductions for these things. I mean really, I don’t even bother sometimes. I hate introductions. So instead, I’m going to sum up last week’s Friday Fun via the language of multi-decade pop musicians/failed actresses.

So, let’s talk about outsider views of the idol industry. Whether its that controversial Tokyo Idols documentary or a Top 10 Clickbait video that claims idol fandom is a type of sex cult, let’s be real here: We and our hobbies usually don’t get painted in a particularly positive light outside of our little circle. The sad thing is, while there are some truths to these unflattering claims, a lot of the outsider perception of idol comes from incidents that were so exaggerated that they raised eyebrows even within the idol community!

Of course, I’m referring to that all-too-famous AKB48 head-shaving scandal. Yes, the go-to target of outsider finger-pointing for the evils of the idol industry. “Idols are FORCED to publicly shave their heads if they’re seen with a boy!” The thing is, Minegishi Minami chose to shave her head of her own free will. And she’s still a member today! I don’t follow AKB48 that closely, but most of my friends who do say that Minegishi is a drama queen like that.

Which got me thinking — can you possibly imagine how the more bizarre moments of idol could get twisted by someone who simply doesn’t know any better? Incidents of idols being completely over-the-top, only for VICE to see it and think that’s just a “shocking normality” in the industry? I already started a thread of this, before realizing that this could easily go into Friday Fun territory.

So, exactly what the above tweet says. This week’s hashtag is #OTTIdolMisconceptions and lets see if we can get WACK featured on Buzzfeed (oh good lord …).