Your Homicidols Weekender #86

Good morning! Or how good is it, really? This past week, while a pretty decent one for the ol’ Weekender, was a pretty benign one as far as idols go. Well, loud idols; I see that you H!P people always have something to talk about.

It’s all well and good, though, that this is the low of the idol down-season; you get that run of debuts and new releases in the spring, and then the festivals late in the summer, so this is tour time, baby. No, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Yes, it is convenient for when your friendly neighborhood Maniac needs to get out of town for various reasons. In fact, I’m sitting on a strange couch right now, looking back at a tepid week, a month from TIF and everything that comes with it, and pretty dang glad that my super-busy personal schedule is all happening now, as opposed to a time when meaningful things happen in the Idolverse.

Enjoy yourselves with something other than idol. If you’re like me, do yard work or a creative project. Cook a good meal. Drink tasty adult beverages. Read in the sun and then get really mad that you forgot to put on sunblock and now your skin is crispy. Just first, play the Fun, scan through this sucker and have a little celebration of life.

You’re in a Good Mood, Huh?

I’m sorry, I just can’t; have at it, though:

Thanks to this video of the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Express, I learned that Natsumi’s band just released an album and appears to have been reconfigured; either way, this video is far more interesting:

Devil ANTHEM just won’t stop:


Check out nuance with a band!

Did you see when RHYMEBERRY met MIGMA SHELTER?

If you ask really nicely, Desu.Rabbits will come to your town and perform a local noodles survey:

Zuma may be powering up a the renewed FRUITPOCHETTE, but she’s also still making new solo music, apparently!


I ultimately never did do anything with the new BANANA MONKEYS MV, which was going to be more focused on the discussion around their promotional techniques anyway, so:

Himegami CRISIS, or at least Suzuka, doing this Sailor Moon show:

That’s it for Re:Alice:

Alive to Rainy promo, or weird 90s-era perfume commercial?

Holy crap, Sola Sound is going to TIF!

Beni is all-powerful:

More live Ladybaby:

And more live Diamondollfy:

Dance for Philosophy are officially the coolest:

Things that members of JyuJyu shouldn’t do:

Friends of the site Koutei Camera Girl Drei doing their thing:

Plus this trailer for their new record!

This one from Gokigen Teikoku is a reminder to keep practicing your choreo, kids:


Just in case you needed a reminder about Task have Fun’s tour dates!

Have a summertime weekend!

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