It’s the BiS Alumni Showcase!

Two things of note! The first is that, although I haven’t yet made official introductions, folks are beginning to join the team. You all know Kerrie at this point, and she felt pretty strongly that this was something that you all would like, and with the BiS Auditions from Hell coming to a close, I thought I’d turn it over to her. Oh, and you may have noticed the site’s new top banner; that’s a Kerrie Special, too. Take it away, kid.

Hello boys, girls and neither! Kerrie aka @weeaboowitch here! You might remember me from Know Your Bistory or that ridiculous Hunger Games BiS Audition thread (which by the way, I can’t believe it came true; well, the part about Pour Lui auditioning for her own group, anyway)

So as you all are aware, Pour Lui is currently in the middle of the BiS auditions, of which we have a daily roundup here.

Well, as it turns out, three ex-BiS members and namesakes of the current auditionees seem dead set on upstaging Pour Lui, and have come out with some new releases, with varying degrees of interest. Actually, I’m afraid we’re a little tardy to the BiS party as Kim Zolciak would say, as most of these have been out for a couple of days now. But let’s have a look anyway.

So first of all, we have Nagayama Yukiko Nakayama Yukiko’s group, The End, and their new music video for “Adventure”:

Okay, so it’s not so much a music video as it is a lyric video with a couple of filmed sequences that look like someone playing with the special effects in Windows Movie Maker thrown in every now and then. But it’s a catchy little pop-rock song with a bit of piano thrown in, so what’s not to like? Unless you don’t like the song that is.

Also, “What happened to Morphine Tokyo?” I hear? Honestly, I’m not too certain myself, it seems like they just quietly dissolved and then UK formed a new group. She did use pretty much the same excuse as she did for leaving BiS (“It wasn’t the direction I wanted to go down.”) when referring to Morphine Tokyo however, so take that as you will.

Secondly, we have Terayama Yufu Terashima Yufu, who ever since leaving BiS, her material is about as typical idol as you can get. But this is one of the most beloved members of one of the most important rebel idol groups we’re talking about, so I’m sure we at can let this slide. Also, her voice is as beautiful and soothing as ever:

That was “Watashi ni Naru,” the title track from her upcoming album, released on the 21st of this month. Speaking of which, one of the covers looks like someone just told Yuffy the news of the BiS comeback:

Yufu looking kind of shocked-pissed

And finally, the release that I’m personally the most excited for, Tontonko Tentenko has come out with a new song. In early 2015, Tentenko released “Good Bye Good Girl,” a fantastic 80s-esque electropop song that a lot of people really loved. Also, you could buy the single on VHS. After that, she released lots of self-published albums, of which were all either experimental noise or Halmens cover albums, most of which were hit or miss, and had many fans longing for another song like “Good Bye Good Girl.”

Well, when Tentenko was signed to Toy’s Factory and released the single “Houkago Shinpachi,” it did not disappoint. Also, the music video is the exact kind of retro art-hipster type of footage that makes me, an ex-art student, feel all warm and fluffy inside:

So that’s all the BiS alumni releases of this week. Which one is your favourite? Are you more excited for any of these than the BiS training camp? And would you eat Yuffy’s pancakes? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “It’s the BiS Alumni Showcase!

  1. Being one of the few people actually enjoying everything from テンテンコ, from her noise albums to her Halmens covers,lscrolled past the other two to get to her video.
    The way she’s uncompromisingly broad in her styles she’s definitely my fav.

    In my current mindset I would rate the End 2nd and Yufu 3rd.

    Concerning the new BiS members… I’d like to see them perform first before I make up my mind.

  2. A very big thank you for this, as I gave up searching for UK’s vid yesterday as Googling The End even with her name failed completely on me.

    • If you look closely, they’re hidden in the back. 😉
      There were just so many of them that I got lazy and decided to use them as background filler.

      • Ok I see them now, thanks!! Just was making sure you didn’t forget the Ultimate Underground Idol Group!! Again cool banner!!

  3. Big thumbs up for both UK and Tentenko songs, I really like both but Tentenko best of all, reminds me a bit of Le Tigre but so does some of Billie Idle’s stuff.

    Yufu’s video is region blocked because at the moment I’m in the states, its interesting that they choose to do this for the US as I’ve noticed for a few videos I’ve wanted to watch, but for some strange reason they don’t seem to block you when you’re in the UK, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been blocked at all back home. Lucky for us they must just think we don’t count or something. I know there’s ways around it but I’ll just wait until I get home.

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