The 2018 Homicidols Corenament Round 1 Part 1

Welcome to the opening round of the 2018 Homicidols Corenament, you bunch of weirdos! Over the next few days, we’re going to very deliberately whittle down this massive field of 64 to something more manageable (32), and then cut that in half again over the weekend; everybody knows that the real fun doesn’t start until the Sweet Sixteen, anyway.

Today, we kick things off with matchups from the Toxic Breakfast Region and the CoDAEMETALmental Region; these will stay open through tomorrow, and then we’ll take a couple of days to do the other two regions, and then the Round of 32 on Saturday and Sunday. And each step of the way, we’ll find all kinds of ways to twist the knife and interfere with the general, sensible order of things in the simple name of DISORDER.

You didn’t really think that this was going to be completely straightforward, did you? That’s cute.

For our opening round, though, we’ll keep it simple. Consider the following:

You have two hours left in Tokyo and you want to see both idols in each match, but they’re playing on different sides of town; who do you go see?

CoDAEMETALmental Region

Daemon approached his region like a man who’s done some NCAA tournament pools in the past and knows better than to expect the expected; it’s full of heavyweights, but maybe not the ones you’d expect, and definitely not always where you’d expect them in a pecking order. Almost anybody can beat anybody — exciting!

Prediction: The bottom half of this region is insane. Did you know that Kaqriyo Terror Architect had the second most votes of all in the preliminaries? They might not even make it to the second week! Instead, I’m relying on a GANG PARADE-NECRONOMIDOL regional final just to yank on the heartstrings of the international wota collective as much as possible.

Toxic Breakfast Region

Here, The Committee showed that not only did it give less than half a crap about what anybody else thought, but that it was completely new to the process of making a bracket. As a result, it’s totally random! This is fitting, as Chris did invent the Idol Generator.

Prediction: It’s going to come down to YMM and Candye Syrup, with the screaming yume-kawaii salon mascots scoring the Corenament’s all-time greatest upset (unless GP pulls it off against Necroma). This will be especially true when the MVs start to play into it, as almost everybody else in this quarter of the field is more quirky-weird than destroy-faces.

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  1. Picked some definite favorites and threw in a few cock blocks in anticipation of later rounds. đŸ™‚

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