Incomprehensible Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Song Titles, Ranked

I was bored yesterday, and I was thinking about the title of the new Zenkimi single, and I thought about how their song titles, even when they probably actually make perfect sense, often look and sound like some combination of gibberish and the results of giving a gaijin one of those live translation apps. In other words, if you let Maniac title songs!

So I went a-digging through Zenkimi’s surprisingly deep discography and pulled out a list. Like all of the ranks, it is neither exhaustive nor even particularly comprehensive, but is merely a ranking of titles relative to one another.

  1. Ueyueyuo -Hinekurenotari-
  2. Sekirarararai Otto
  3. itakarmabals
  4. tonarikorearata
  5. Wagamama Shinsei Hominina
  6. haikei,otonagram
  7. Yowamushi Lullaby
  8. Philiaphilia
  9. Licorice Irony
  10. hiyokurenri
  11. Riburin Riburin
  12. Zafaifaiso
  13. Sophomore Sick Sacrifice …
  1. Achieving perfect clarity while puking through a norovirus fever dream, only to wake up back in the profane world with only the most fleeting of memories of the truth that revealed itself at the bottom of the toilet
  2. World is mine

Now it’s time to resume my gospel mission of spreading Anima Animus Paradox far and wide.

3 thoughts on “Incomprehensible Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Song Titles, Ranked

  1. In fact their titles don’t always make sense even for Japanese speakers. When they released the demo for ”Tonarikorearata”, I remember Tsurezure’s Shidare tweeting that she would have to examine the lyrics closer in order to get the point of the title.

    As for the list, I’ve seen the Sekirara-thing been rendered as ”Sekirarara Raiotto (=Riot)”, which gives it at least one half of sense.

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