The Corenament’s Final Rounds Are All about Violence

Well, now we’ve done it — we have a final pairing of Losers, and also a real-deal Final Four that’s such a perfect set-up that I can barely stand it.

First, let’s congratulate the two down-marquee tag-alongs for NECRONOMIDOL’s second British Invasion. I kid of course — Zekkyou and Saki have both proven over the years to be as consistent and well-regarded as any flash in the pain could ever hope. They’re like the Michigan State or Syracuse of the Corenament, if Michigan State or Syracuse were permitted to continue to play on despite having been defeated earlier in the event! Regardless, if either of them gets through the rest of the Survival Challenge, they’re going to be a real handful for whichever one of these four real winners clears to the final.

And what do we have, exactly?

This is such a great, loud Final Four, and I love the matches, both of which pit loud on loud in a very real way, but both offering nice contrasts in artistic touches. You can even plan ahead, too — which of these four looks like your winner? Do you like the relatively refined chaos of BiSH? The literal painful cuteness of Minna no Kodomo-chan? The sheer brutality of Hanako-san? The twisted genre-hating mix of Kaqriyo Terror Architect? Whichever your flavor, now is the time to make it work. Remember: Anybody who loses this round has to face the raw momentum of Zekkyou or 2&, and all bets are off at that point.

What’s your favorite flavor of brutality?

Update! Record scratch!

Rain has called up PassCode as his resurrection to take on Kakuriyo!

Even though it’s with the winners, this one will run for a single day so that we can end this dang event on time. As it stands, three of the four Bracket Bosses are still alive and playing, too — and two of them haven’t played a resurrection yet. Things could be about to get really weird.

Things got weird! Now PassCode needs to win out, or they’re done, and Hanako-san … well, she’s eligible to be resurrected and, given that she hasn’t taken a loss yet, still has two to give, or may wind up riding the loser’s bracket if PassCode takes the L. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING ANYMORE?

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    • In fact she hasn’t; Daemon swapped Necroma in over her, but they lost, which was their second time, so they were out, and somebody needed to fill the space. “Chippoke Hero” started to play.

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