And Then There Were Four (Plus Four)

Well that wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped it would be! The Corenament, though, is winding toward its inevitable BIG FINAL SHOWDOWN; while the True Final Four of Winners rest up, the Bad Final Four of Losers have at least one more match. The Survivor Challenge must have no survivors!

The biggest surprise? Maybe the biggest surprise of all, though whether you’d actually be surprised at There There Theres snaking a victory away from their little sisters is really up for debate (and sanity).

Videos return — who’s got the best?

Regardless of outcome, we need to come up with a new award for Zekkyou, don’t we? All they’ve done is knock on two separate #1s. Hell, we’re a couple of days (and breaks) away from having the two UK support acts square off, and nary a headliner to be found.