Happening Now(?): This “Ghost Cannon Ball Run” Thing with BiS/H and GANG PARADE

It’s blocked in the United States and probably elsewhere, too, but Niconico will be broadcasting this … honestly, I have no idea what it’s going to be. Some kind of horror-themed live game thing?

I’m just roughly basing this off of the old BiSH Cannonball thing (whatever happened with that video, anyway?).

Anyway, Saki and Maaya are confirmed from GANG PARADE, and Chitti and Aina from BiSH, and Pour Lui and a WACK staffer for team BiS. If anybody in a country that happens to be able to access the video wants to, you know, record the stream, I can think of a few folks who might enjoy it.

11 thoughts on “Happening Now(?): This “Ghost Cannon Ball Run” Thing with BiS/H and GANG PARADE

  1. Maybe try to write a decent song for once in your life,learn to sing and dance,then you won’t have to resort to these stupid ass gimmicks.

  2. I hope somebody rips/ripped this! And who can we poke and prod at Lute Media to remind them to post the BiSH Cannonball Run? I know they’re busy right now with those treadmill videos 😛

    I got a *quote* for the BiS Cannonball Run. at 6+ hours, it would cost like a thousand dollars to translate. Maybe I’ll focus on Idol is Dead 2 next :P.

    As of last night, the Bellring 6D subtitles are done and available, and YMM! subtitles are soon to follow! I gotta check with the people responsible if they’re cool with spreading it around or not, but you can grab them now if you know where to look :P. That one’s a bummer because the production company actually paid a translator to make subtitles for 6D, they just didn’t include them on the retail disc. All this work and cash to re-invent the wheel. Just like there’s some version of the BiS Cannonball with English subs that they screened in theatres in Japan, but g*sh d*rned if you can buy it anywhere.

  3. I remember seeing this lot back in 2013 dressed up like cockroaches.Yeah,cockroaches.Same shitty gimmicks as always. Their songs are like Sakura Gakuin for cutters.Every time their name is mentioned we all have a good chuckle. Some things just can’t be unseen…………or unheard. LOL

    • Yes,Yes. Shitty gimmicks indeed.Maybe that’s why they fail so hard.
      Speaking of shitty:
      From Twitter:
      bish – 22.8k followers
      bis – 22.8 followers
      gang parade – 8529 followers
      Charmin – 74k followers
      Cottonelle – 35.4k followers
      More people are interested in wiping their asses than these kids.
      But at the end of the day, it all ends up covered in shit and deserves to be flushed. LMAO

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