BiSH Is the Queen of All Media Apparently

Two quick bits of news that are fun and get back to that point I was making in the JAM recap, that BiSH is just stupidly on fire.

The first is, they have their own radio show now! Other than Yura in Guso Drop and the Reina/Ayano thing that Bellring Girls Heart does, I can’t think of another of these, nor of one of quite this scope.

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BiSH Cannonball #3 Ready to View

Parts 1 and 2 in the strange competition recap sort of implied the rules of the game, and we kind of understand some of BiSH’s bizarre adventures. For Part 3 … well, famous people and penises and karaoke and stuff.

Can’t wait for Part 4 next week!

BiSH Cannonball, Episode 2

I hope you all saw Episode 1 of the, uh, clear-as-mud members-vs-members competitive distance/cash/human avoidance race that is the BiSH Cannonball Run. Otherwise, there is no context for this at all and I have other things to do and will not re-link everything!

This Is Gonna Be Weird! BiSH Cannonball Episode 1 Finally Available

Oh man, do you remember this? No? Like, maybe all of 20 people would look at the average post every day then, and half of them had “bot” in their names?

Anyway! BiSH Cannonball was a weird, barely understand day-long competition in which the six (Hug Me era) members formed into pairs and partnered with a member of the WACK staff and did this weird race/points competition, all while being filmed. It streamed live, and we were all threatened promised that it would eventually be released onto DVD. This is just as good!

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Happening Now(?): This “Ghost Cannon Ball Run” Thing with BiS/H and GANG PARADE

It’s blocked in the United States and probably elsewhere, too, but Niconico will be broadcasting this … honestly, I have no idea what it’s going to be. Some kind of horror-themed live game thing?

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BiSH Cannonball, the Motion Picture

Late last night:

This morning:

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The Cruelest of Fates: BiSH Cannonball Results

It was a stunt too weird and non-specific to be true, but the BiSH Cannonball run wrapped up about an hour ago (right, Twitter?).

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