I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying


I thought that maybe BiS was going to let Pour Lui’s (semi-)final farewell pass us by easily, and instead they drop as right-on a tribute to a person who’s not just still alive, but will probably show up on video intermittently for a long time to come, as I’ve ever seen.

The “FiNAL DANCE” MV used to make me almost impossibly sad, and yes, I cried more than a few times with it — as a too-late comer to OG BiS, I had to compound an intense feeling of having missed a truly magical era in entertainment history with, you know, the fact that it was gone, presumably for good. The send-up is all for Lui this time, and it’s wholly appropriate, and it definitely leaves me melancholy. Once again, she’s going out on her terms, and maybe this time with a greater feeling of satisfaction. Like any part of it or not, the woman built a movement and a veritable empire within it. If I had gifts enough to give, I’d give them all.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

  1. It’s impressive, how entirely not prepared I was to watch this first thing after waking up.

    The video paired with Watanabe penning the lyrics makes this overwhelming. Whew boy, I need another cigarette.

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