Your Homicidols Weekender #68

It’s kind of subdued around Maniac Mansion again, you guys, seeing as how easily I am manipulated by tributes to my heroes, and I think it’s appropriate to take one more day in honor of the GOAT — there’s a lot of stuff to go over, but we can wait a day or two, right?

If you were personally thinking about something Pour Lui-centric as she has her final live appearance with the monster that she created, there’s always the Fun to play, or add a comment on the “DiPROMiSE” post … or stay tuned, because you know that we like to do mass-support campaigns at the momentous … moments; Lui’s final-final farewell is March 31.

The Following Things Aren’t the Same Anymore

I seem to remember Kit Cat being more interesting:

Again, I’d love to see Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders’s new MV, if only it weren’t region-blocked just for Japan:



DEVIL NO ID, what?

Live Desu.Rabbits, anybody?

The newest from Bell Agency, COLOR’z:

When idols who you could barely believe existed suddenly do the Graduation Shuffle:

And obliquely speaking of DISDOL, here they are, sans the band:

Party at PARMS!

A little more 403ERROR:

Just another FunFunFun mix:

A short PV from Candy GO!GO! and Underbeasty sister group TEARS:

PassCode MVs, behind the scenes:

Stuff like this is why sora tob sakana got a major deal:

All right!

A new Wagamama Rakia solo track:

I’m having a tough time not listening to the latest from AH:

Seisei will be a really big loss for MIGMA SHELTER:

I think the brouhaha about the BiSH art said more about the brouhaha than it did WACK:

Everything about this photo is perfect:

Look at how tiny this stage is for one of force!


More new AIBECK:

When people tweet out 3-year-old You’ll Melt More!:

Have a very mood-appropriate weekend!

Or a groovy one, whatevs

Hi Jim!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #68

  1. Agreeing with this Amina person. It is all idol. Just a different approach for the same goal.
    SeiSei will be missed. Without Yoneko already there was no need to follow the group anymore though for me, as their music is not my type to begin with.
    Ah, Devil no ID. They still exist, lol

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