Nor Have I Said Anything about the New HAMIDASYSTEM

This is a really bad one, you guys, and I’m sorry, but in addition to just plain missing the best chance to share this (Sunday, or HAMIDASYSTEM Day in Japan, as the cool kids now it), I almost forgot about it. It’s just a lyric video, but I’ll be gosh-damned if it isn’t just further confirmation that HAMIDASYSTEM is in that rarefied territory of being legitimately better than, oh, 98 percent of other things in idol, and that they’re inversely well-appreciated by the gibbering masses who don’t so much exist as much as I need a handy strawman to make my point so there:

This is officially getting introduced live today.

Actually, what’s a HAMIDASYSTEM live like? Just about everything they do is so airy and reality-detached that I have a hard time imagining choreography more complicated than light swaying under lights while wota inexplicably try to MIX. In my head, it gets pretty awkward! Which is true of many things!

This is, unless I’m wrong, the final in the single-per-month-to-start-the-year thing they were doing, and you can go snag it on OTOTOY if you’re so inclined, which you should be, because you have pretty good taste and wouldn’t want to let ol’ Maniac down, would you?

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