And Here’s PassCode Like You’ve Definitely Never Seen Them (Probably)

In a week when we saw the first glimmer of PassCode leveraging their enormous potential with the resources and opportunity afforded by major label support, I think a trip down memory lane is warranted, don’t you?

Or maybe, more appropriately, it’s a trip down the memory hole; there are probably a few people at we-B Studios (and especially Universal Japan!) who’d prefer that we not see this side of PassCode … a PassCode that’s a little … different.

By the way, if you aren’t following the @anagramhound, that’s your loss.

LOOK AT THAT! Who are most of those people? In what way is that anything like actual PassCode? There are no ways! The only connection at all between iterations is Yu-ri and … well, the less said about that right now, the better.

That they sounded like the safest, least-threatening idols this side of Sakura Gakuin once upon a time was known, but this is the first I’ve ever seen of the pre-All Is Vanity PassCode that was clearly nothing like the version that hasn’t stopped raising hell and fists and venue owners’ blood pressure for one second in two years. THESE GIRLS ARE KAWAII FFS!

Holy smokes.

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