If the World Gives Us Nothing Else, May It Keep Giving Us DEVIL NO ID

We very literally don’t hear enough about DEVIL NO ID, Okinawa’s loudest answer to the modern idol equation, and it’s quite a shame because, as what you’re about to experience will attest, they’re … well, they’re really good. Combined with the kind of backing that makes big-time collaborations possible, they’re an act that should be making more noise, figuratively as well as literally, than they do.

All of that to preface:

That disarmingly put-together number is spiritually right in line with how DEVIL NO ID does their business, which is to say lovingly striking nasty beats like hammer blows into otherwise highly danceable music that much better aligns with their idol-plus-EDM presentation. It also just so happens to be delivered on a silver platter by the same Ueda Takeshi who penned “STUPiG” and “Gimme Chocolate!!” and is/was the driving force behind the sublime AA=, among other projects that find cool ways to be loud.

But about that whole hear-them-enough business: We don’t! DEVIL NO ID has crossed the two-year threshold and come a long way, and they’re well enough regarded to be out there sharing stages with the likes of ayumikurikamaki and Task have Fun and so on, and taken in a very literal sense this being their fourth single is notable, as most idols don’t make it to a fourth single ever, let alone within two years, but most other idols who make it two full years also release other things, which to my knowledge DEVIL NO ID hasn’t. “Keep ’em wanting more” is an entertainment maxim as old as hucksterism itself, but at some point it’s just like, man, it sure would be great if I could actually get a little bit of that more, you know?

“BEAUTIFUL BEAST” is out next week. You may want to acquire it.

2 thoughts on “If the World Gives Us Nothing Else, May It Keep Giving Us DEVIL NO ID

  1. I was really, really excited for this considering Uedas involvement, i am a big fan, but in the end i was honestly pretty disappointed in it.

    I think the Rap sections really lets down the rest of the song. They are just kind of boring with the droning bass, whistling synths and clumsy rapping.
    Seems like a bad attempt at doing a trap thing.

    All the other parts outclass it to a huge degree, i love those building synths that sound straight out of some 2002 trance song and i have caught myself humming the “chorus” melody multiple times…
    But i have no desire to listen to the song itself, it just doesn’t work for me as a whole. :/

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