A Friday Fun for Foley Artists

Kerrie was so excited to get to her theme for this week that she skipped right over last week’s top tweets; that, or she wanted to avoid the curses. Me, I love a good curse. Well done by all!


Are you prepared for the most important (former) idol release of 2018? No, I’m not talking about Yoshizawa Hitomi’s release from prison (too soon?)


It’s no secret I love Tentenko. One of my favourite OG BiS girls, I bought her UK debut on vinyl even though I don’t even have a record player to listen to it on. Whether or not she still counts as an idol is a whole other debate but she’s very important to us here at Homicidols.com and even in her post-BiS career she embodies many of the idol traits we love; cute, outgoing and a total oddball.

Anyway, love letter aside, concept albums aren’t exactly a new concept for Tentenko. Just go digging into her CD-R collection where’s she’s had themes as simple as “I want to cover Halmens songs” to as abstract as a starry night sky. Of course, I don’t think anything is going to top an album where she sings about cats, but it’s always fun to speculate what she’ll do next. So, come up with more potential #TentenkoAlbumConcepts this weekend and maybe we’ll get a future CD-R out of her. Or not.