Let’s Also Meet DEVIL NO ID

We here at Homicidols.com, like to pride ourselves on a spirit of discovery and, unlike the 2-year-old monster who won’t eat anything other than Spaghetti-O’s and chicken nuggets, open-minded willingness to try just about anything. So when I see things show up in the Idolmetal group at odd hours, I know enough to mark it down and come back in the morning, because it’s probably at least worth a look.

And folks, what a look.


Wave to DEVIL NO ID (Twitter) (Soundcloud)and then quickly get your hand out of sight because goodness knows what kind of weird cybermonster might Lawnmower Man its way into existence and try to eat you. This is like what would happen if somebody wanted to launch a more American-friendly version of NEVE SLIDE DOWN, but wanted it to go darker and take visual cues from early Deathrabbits. And they’re babies! How old is that littlest girl, Mion, anyway? She’s like seven, right?

Sorry, I’m sort of generally fine with the music (needs more Koutei Camera Girl [RIP]), but the raw visual element — taking cues from Okinawa’s pre-Japanese traditions and sort of putting them into a meatgrinder with “people call it jungle, right?” and their own comic book concept art — that’s wonderful. So is having a video that looks like it was produced by Missy Elliot in about 2002.

I had to go back through their Twitter feed to see how long they’ve been out, and the answer is “a few weeks”: They’ve already opened for You’ll Melt More and got to do the usual round of Tower Records et al debut/release events. In other words, this isn’t your standard-issue cute-unique-idol-project-builds-organically — there’s good money behind the project. Expect more, expect it soon, and expect to continue to wonder why we don’t get to have nice things like this in the West except on competitive TV shows, ne’er to be heard from again.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Also Meet DEVIL NO ID

  1. I think music-wise it’s fine, pretty safe, maybe a little generic. Could use a little something to shake things up. Perhaps a weird older dude in a costume. (Please don’t) But very interesting visuals. It does look like they were recruiting from elementary schools for this group though.

    • Maybe you’ll appreciate this: I keep reading their name as DEVIL NOID, and I’m flashing back to Domino’s ads from the 80s and completely amazed that it took so long for somebody to idol up that concept, even if I’m completely wrong.

      • Yes, that’s perfect. Add the Noid screaming some lines about cold pizza. Then we’ve got the perfect idol group!

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