And Guess Who Else Oyasumi Hologram and TORIENA Will Be Touring the USA With

It’s not just TORIENA that will be joining Oyasumi Hologram’s American tour in November — announced last night in Anaheim at the East Meets West Music Fest, old favorites NECRONOMIDOL will be on both legs* just the one leg! of the tour, not San Jose and San Francisco in the west, but then details-wanting appearances in New York City and Philadelphia in the east. This according to our man with the plan (and press access, and a camera) Daemon.

I don’t know if this is everything now that’s going to be on the tour, but that’s a pretty solid thing, no? And of course the East Coast performances are the big deal, given that they’re practically unheard of — Perfume and Morning Musume and Momoiro Clover Z can do New York, but nobody does Philadelphia, and NYC is a tough place to book anyway. I’m stoked to be able to go!

*I misunderstood what I was seeing and hearing because I was making french toast!

7 thoughts on “And Guess Who Else Oyasumi Hologram and TORIENA Will Be Touring the USA With

  1. You sure daemon didn’t misunderstand? Cos necro already have lives advertised on their Twitter and calender that they are booked for up till and including the 4th of November….which would make it impossible for them to be on the first leg of the tour with toreina and oyasumi.

    • Also unless they were to abandon their yearly big Halloween gig to be able to fly out no way they would make it to the US in time they’d need to be flying out days before (they have lives scheduled for late October as well already in Japan) I can’t see them giving up the money these big events bring in and snubbing their hometown crowd to go to the US.

    • That’s what we know so far. I have a hard time believing that OYSM at least is only doing four dates in 11 days in another country with all the associated costs, but maybe it works. I’d happily book them for one of the clubs here.

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