IDOL NEVER DIES: Help Create this Film about Idols at the End of the World

Gyuzo of the Tokyo Shock Boys but better known around these parts as the mad genius behind the Gyu Agricultural Festival aka Gyuno Fes aka the best recurring series of chika idol lives on the planet is making a movie!!

Tentatively titled IDOL NEVER DIES, the movie is described as a “youth fantasy” about an idol unit struggling to complete a music video on the day the world has been predicted to end. The cast of idols shooting this MV in the face of the apocalypse will include some familiar faces:

That’s Brazil of MIGMA SHELTER, Kaede Fuuka of Qumari Depart, Miyu Nakagawa of Maneki Kecak  and Kaoru Kudo from Up Up Girls (provisional). They will be led by the actress Momoka, best known for her roles in The Werewolf Game and the live action version of After the Rain. The protagonist unit doesn’t have a name yet, but if you have some good ideas you can suggest  names for the group on Twitter using the tag “#ギュウ農フェス”. The individual who submits the chosen name will receive a certificate of commendation from the film’s director, Noburu Iguchi, the creator of cult films Ghost Squad, RoboGeisha and The Machine Girl.

Every idol unit (and movie protagonist) needs an adversary, so yesterday morning Gyuzo unveiled our heroes’ rival unit, BLOOD CHERRY, a veritable chika idol supergroup consisting of:

  • Hachigatsu-chan (ex. Oyasumi Hologram)
  • Younapi  (ex. You’ll Melt More)
  • Rutakame Run (MELON BATAKE a gogo),
  • Candy Yamauchi (The Grateful a MogAAAz)
  • Mao (Senosister)
  • pippi (electric ribbon)
  • Kaho Hiniata (ZOMBIE POWDER)

While Gyuzo has lined up a script, director and cast, he just needs one last little item before the filming can start: a big pile of cash.  To that end, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched via Campfire to raise the funds necessary to produce this potential cult masterpiece.  Campfire accepts a number of payment options including PayPal, so it is possible to make a contribution from overseas. You will need a Japanese mailing address for any physical campaign rewards, but addresses from proxies like Tenso will work. There are any number of levels and rewards to choose from. A contribution of around $30 will get your name in the credits, while $70 will get you a limited edition, autographed copy of the soundtrack (I opted for the BLOOD CHERRY version).

So grab your chance to be an idol film financier, and I’ll see you on the red carpet at Cannes.