Exciting Times for Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen

This post started off as a little blurb about Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen having an album coming out soon, a fact completely neglected in that business about their big headliner show. But that’s okay, because what happens when idols have albums to promote?

They do release events at record stores?

Well, that too, but I was getting at:

That’s a nice little idol ballad, isn’t it? Because he’s their biggest gaijin fan, Phillter and I were discussing YKG the other day in the context of his having seen them live, and we agreed that they’re in a weird tweener space between being traditional and new-school, indie-like and mainstream, and that what they need to really break out is a signature song that would get someone — regular fans, people like us, etc. — excited. If this is it, then where they’re aiming to go is pretty obvious, huh?

Still, it’s pretty sweet.

Also, you know what’s cool about being like the biggest thing in your otherwise unglamorous neck of the national woods? You get to be in lots of commercials.

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  1. ((coughcough)I haven’t seen them live yet Maniac, I just picked up some of their CDs at Tower Records((coughcough))

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