I Love When Oyasumi Hologram Gets a Little Loud

This is so cool, you guys: So Oyasumi Hologram, who I can never believe only have the level of support that they do among Westerners, given that they’re incredibly great — at making their dreamy, ethereal, arty alt-whatever — have started a new project with a three-piece band (or potentially as a three-piece band, nuance is hard), and that project has a demo, and they’re promoting both of them with this out-of-nowhere MV for “machine song”:

It really wouldn’t be an Oyaholo song without deliberate dissonance, would it? I dig, though, and I wish that OYSM would do more straight-out rock sets. Not only is idol starting to trend more in that direction lately, but they do so great with every time out, like when playing with VMO.

Anyway, this is probably going to be a project to keep an eye on. And very meta, isn’t it? It’s usually “here’s a band that has idol/s in front” or “here are idols backed by a band”; this is more “we are idols who are now doing this thing with a band, which is itself nameless and may become subsumed into our collective.” Should that be the case, resistance will indeed be futile!

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