The ‘DAWNSLAYER’ MV Has Arrived!

And without further ado:

Man, after the interview and going the whole way through the single (which is excellent), I don’t want to put words into Ricky’s mouth, but I really feel like somebody’s aiming at progressively higher targets; this is good video, it goes so well with a really notable track — a little out of character for Necroma, sure, but are you going to get mad about … blackened power metal? something like that? It’s awesome, is the point.

Also, what the hell happens to Rei at the end? And what is it that Himari’s using as a libation? “Cold-pressed blood of infants” does spring to mind. Is that monster sword doodad DAWNSLAYER? Exactly how luciferian is this song?

Necroma’s having themselves a year, you guys, and theres’s still time to do even more.