I Like When Idol MVs Leave Me Dumbfounded

Subtitle: If Rain gets annoyed about a lot of words saying very little, he’s gonna love this one!

WAGAMAMARAKIA, who kick enormous amounts of ass and therefore it is completely acceptable to be super hype about the EP they’re releasing in a few weeks, dropped a new video yesterday. So as not to bury the lede, suffice it to say that it left me dumbfounded and still kind of does almost 24 hours later. You of course be the judge of your own experience and takeaway. I’ll share mine because it’s long-winded!

So to relate this back to the title, I (in this order) got jazzed about the MV, unintentionally played the MV as background, got really excited for a minute, forgot about it, then actually watched it a few hours later and got that same excitement at the beginning all over again. And yet I felt like I didn’t have anything to say! What a strange feeling — an idol group that I have the utmost respect for, a new bigger-time product from them being rolled out, and really all that I could muster in my mind was incoherence? Isn’t that usually a good thing??

Looking for guidance, I hit up my brother. Be glad that you aren’t my brother; the poor sap is responsible for getting me into loudol in the first place but then largely detached from it himself, so the several times per month that I send him YouTube or Spotify links and demand that he listen to or watch a thing can only be annoying. In recognizing that, however, I have to concede that the dude knows more about music than just about anybody alive, and his taste is usually quite good, so he’s stuck with me going to him for opinions/in irrational exuberance.

I presented the quandary to my brother thusly: I can’t tell if I love this or hate it! He said, okay, why. And I started a long circumlocution of the issue, with him asking a few questions, until we settled on this basic determination: Yes, it is true that if this were produced by almost anybody else, I would make some relative degree of fun of this element and that; however, I am unresponsive to that particular instinct because this is WAGAMAMARAKIA, yes, and also because several of those things that I would be inclined to jest about may be jest-worthy, but they’re also done at a much greater level and with a higher production value, so while the overall package may not win a ton of creativity points, it does get a lot of credit for doing the thing better than most anybody else would have done the thing . And that’s that!

Also, not to be that guy and draw too many parallels to a certain other prominent Osaka-originating idolcore unit, but the MIRI breaks own and if you think any differently you’re wrong.

This is released ahead of next month’s awesome-ass-looking EP, and the entry backed by my dude from MY FIRST STORY, so … more on the way then?