Lest We Ever Forget That Wagamama Rakia Kicks Enormous Amounts of Ass

Pro tip: If you ever choose, like all of us on Team, to become a super fancy idol blogger, just know that while you will of course have your faves and biases and will at times go way out of your way to hold up the things that you treasure most, the fact is that you’re also going to have your head filled with so much stuff, from pure junk to the absolutely sublime, that it almost stops mattering what it is that you like most, because your default setting is to like everything. Like, you feel bad for leveling even the most mild of completely deserved criticisms, and as a filthy gaijin wota you also do so with the trepidation that you’re probably getting things wrong half of the time because of the language and culture barriers. Enthusiasm can only make up for so much! Trust me! And then you feel kind of lousy and step lightly in response for a while and then start running a new gimmick and before you know it, you’re suddenly surprised to re-run back into one of those faves and/or biases you started off with, and you hear them and you’re like, oh yeah, I always liked that!

That’s me and Wagamama Rakia. Like since the first time I heard them, I haven’t hesitated a heartbeat to have them in my personal Idols on a Pedestal cupboard, a group that pretty much always gets it right, always sounds great even as their sound grows and changes, and I’ll do blonde-woman-screaming-at-smirking-cat-meme routines should anybody ever dare suggest that they’re anything less than excellent.* It’s just that they’re a tough group for me to keep up with completely. Nobody else on Team is nearly as invested in them, so there goes that crutch, and they’ve always been light in the multimedia department.

And with all of that out of the way, let us round back to the lede backwards by saying that the scenario I described above is literally what happened yesterday, and yes, it is proof that Wagamama Rakia kicks enormous amounts of ass:

I don’t know what this is for, and I kind of don’t care. Because-we-want-to video is one of my favorite things about idol, so let me have the delusion if that’s what it is. Awesome song, cool video. May it be only the first in a very long string of similarly excellent material that I can hyperventilate about.

Also TIL that this thing called Paledusk was involved!

So yeah. Enormous amounts of ass. Confirmed for me, and if you didn’t already know, now you do.

*This has never happened