RILISREVERSE Get Mature For “Juvenile”

The HAMIDASYSTEM successor group’s theme song about being the naughtiest girl on earth is delivering a little more than what you’d expect, so needless to say we absolutely love it.

RILISREVERSE’s concept is self described as “a four person group who unleash themselves onto the dancefloor, exposing all emotions” – and there are emotions here there and everywhere in their video. A hedonistic feast with hedonistic fun afterwards and of course, because this is an idol music video, some running through the streets of Tokyo.

The lyrics to the song are incredibly fitting too, opening with “The naughtiest girl on earth, i’m the number 1” and a chorus of “I wanna dance until i’m destroyed! […] A self righteous bad girl – a juvenile delinquent”. An anthem for doing whatever you want whenever you want over some post rock and electronica courtesy of indie superproducer sayshine.

In fact the song and music video are both so good, the group made it to 9th place on the US iTunes Jpop charts. Really.

So what are you waiting for? Go stream their chart topping erotic music video and EP that sounds so good it might as well be erotic.