I Hope This Gets More Eyes on KissBeeWEST

I had referred to a big glut of material that Pure Idol Heart shared the other day, and this is I think the last thing to feature from it. Remember KissBeeWEST? You should, because they’re significantly good and also from Osaka, and idol things from the Kansai region are at least 20 percent better, on average, than idol things from other regions. Something in the water, I guess.

KissBeeWEST, currently sitting at I think five regular members and three “researcher” members, are doing what many an idol does this time of year, which is to release a single, and in this case are actually doubling down on the good and letting it rip:

Here are the details and lyrics (and a reminder that Japan can turn even so macabre an image as a girl cradling a skull into a kawaiidol experience):

I say this without exaggeration or irony or whatever have you: This is one of my favorite idol songs so far this year. It lacks the conceptual polish of some and the sheer ingenuity of others, but very few things that have come out of the Idolverse in 2018 (so far) are as good of straight-ahead rockers. I also say that, lack of overbearing electronics aside, this is a number that makes me feel the way that vintage PassCode used to, which was frankly something that I’ve been missing.

KissBeeWEST is currently in the process of touring to promote the single release; in two weeks, they’ll have their next one-man, which is oddly timed considering that it isn’t part of the tour (literally the day after it ends!) but fortuitously timed because I’m sure that interest is rising. It should be rising among gaijin wota too, you know!

2 thoughts on “I Hope This Gets More Eyes on KissBeeWEST

  1. You got my eyes to them. Though, I can easily imagine people criticising the song for totally lacking sense and coherence. It’s pretty hard to get into a song when it’s three different songs dissected and put randomly together as one. Personally I don’t mind. It was funny. But it’s really a demanding art to create good songs with complex and surprising structure and lot of influences. Here there’s clearly much room for growth in my opinion. But anyway, this is quite interesting.

    By the way, doesn’t it seem obvious that the one who wrote the song and came up with the group’s name is a single person. I see a certain psychological connection there.

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