It’s Not Too Late for PapiRosier, I Hope

There’s a subtly significant amount of stuff coming out of the Idolverse right now, I’m finding — more on the edge of the Western wota’s attention span, I think, than might be expected or appreciated — and that includes things that I missed before and nonetheless get a chance to come back to for the edification of all!

Remember PapiRosier? Perhaps! Probably not! Despite being included in that approximate first generation of new idols who were debuting just as a lot of folks currently in the community were, like, joining the community, they haven’t exactly emphasized releases as PapiRosier, so they get lost in the shuffle. Based on past work, though, I knew that anything new that was to come would be worth checking out, and dutifully started to follow them closely when they announced the release of their second single. The result?

The single actually went on sale yesterday, but, as you can see, the video’s from the first of the month … which was two full days before I put their Twitter on blast in anticipation of a video release. Circumstance can be dumb!

All of the single details:

“EGOISTIC”! “GLORIA”! I want to know what these songs are like!

This is a neat change of pace, just compared to the last time they put out a single. I’m not going to complain about more melody and strategic retreats toward more identifiably idol fare — consider Elfloat, for instance — and certainly not when the alternative is nu metal. It fits within the confines of the company, too, because this is more spin-off than standard-bearer that we’re talking about, where their embrace of rock sounds is the most standout element.

For a taste of the whole shebang, here’s a full live:

I wish these idols well! As it came up during the A-to-J podcast last week, whether the overall idol boom is up or down or growing or dying or what is hard to read, but it’s never not a cutthroat world out there, and groups that don’t so much stand out as meet the expectations of pre-existing wota are in a weird spot between post-chika breakouts and major-label couldabeens. Every release, though, is a chance to get that crucial chunk of attention, and PapiRosier could make this one work for them.