I Haven’t Said a Single Blessed Thing about the New Himegami CRISIS, for Shame

Hi! This was supposed to have published on Friday, and it didn’t, hence that weird pre-dangling post re: HAMIDASYSTEM, and I wasn’t going to re-put it up yesterday because of that whole Pour Lui thing, so take it now, you animals

I know, I know. It’s been almost a week! Just bear with me for a minute; Himegami CRISIS, who are cool and good and neo, released yet another MV that I can’t figure out how they’re financing because, like, they still haven’t cracked 400 Twitter followers!

Not bad. Not as great as some other stuff, but that’s okay.

The reason? Why, they have yet another single, out yesterday:

And to top it, an album coming out in a month and holy crap it’s March:

I’m trying to think of a good analogue for Himegami CRISIS, and I’m stumped. Like, are they that unique? Impossible. But who else (excepting maybe REGiNA KiSS) grinds out material at this clip and seems to have a Bag of Holding filled with yen to produce whatever, whenever, despite still being, you know, virtually unknown? Good for them, regardless. There are more “major” units that would kill to have this much in terms of opportunity.