These Lyric Videos Are a Great Reminder That Alloy Is Cool

I’ll be honest, I like when you guys tell me about stuff, largely because there’s a good chance that I missed or bypassed it, and you’re like, no idiot, listen to and enjoy and share this. And then I can!

So Alloy. Martin, bless him, kindly drew my attention to the fact that they’d dropped a lyric video for “Pinball”, one of their earlier tracks (and by earlier, I’m talking 16 months old):

Which they then immediately followed up with another one for “astronaut with this little infinity sign because things need to be complicated”:

I like that these exist. I like that they didn’t need to, but they were created anyway, and with 700 percent more effort than most lyric videos, which are naturally a bit of time spent with Premier or iMovie or something rather than an actual production, but Alloy at least took the time to get dressed, find a quiet and roughly monochrome space, and get filmed doing the on-stage choreography of each. One could call that simple largesse in a plan to more attractively share more of their music as the group grows in popularity (and has a one-man to promote); one could also call it “Producer-san is out of money, so no new MVs; this is a good compromise.” The last version would make me sad!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Official On-carrier of the Legacy of petit pas!, they very helpfully tweeted out all of the music-plus-video stuff that you’d need to get your feet wet: