Himegami CRISIS Is Hanging ’em Up, But We Get a Nice Parting Shot

“Oh neat,” said I somewhat aloud as I looked at the tweet from Himegami CRISIS with a YouTube link in it, “a YouTube link from Himegami CRISIS!” Click, open, confirm: Yes, new video! What else is on their Tw–

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I Haven’t Said a Single Blessed Thing about the New Himegami CRISIS, for Shame

Hi! This was supposed to have published on Friday, and it didn’t, hence that weird pre-dangling post re: HAMIDASYSTEM, and I wasn’t going to re-put it up yesterday because of that whole Pour Lui thing, so take it now, you animals

I know, I know. It’s been almost a week! Just bear with me for a minute; Himegami CRISIS, who are cool and good and neo, released yet another MV that I can’t figure out how they’re financing because, like, they still haven’t cracked 400 Twitter followers!

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Help Me Find Words for This Himegami CRISIS Song

I don’t think there any many people in the world who think, man, that Maniac guy sure is a great reviewer of music! Despite having a pretty eclectic range of tastes and weird recall from certain times and places when the really good stuff was being produced (in the West America), I often struggle to find a good point of reference for things that I’m hearing, and I don’t know as much about music theory as I’d like. The end result? “Song good superlative exposition comparison to mid-tier act from 20-30 years ago” is pretty much my formula.

I want to mix that up here, though, because Himegami CRISIS, for whom my love only grows deeper every time they put something out, has this live-edit MV out today, and I want to give my feelings about the song justice. Because I particularly don’t know enough about Japanese music (like, not-idol Japanese music), and also because I’d like for the adjectives involved here to accurately express my emotions, I’m asking you guys to listen to the thing and then help me find descriptors.

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I Want to Carve out a Totally Unique Award Just for Himegami CRISIS

Everything about this gets all kinds of great.

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Wherein I Renew My Attempt to Win More Fans for Himegami CRISIS

I have some stuff to post, you guys. Stuff people might not like! We could wind up with another comments situation like the WACK election, or the Facebook disbelief in the inherent importance of Poppy (which, boo); it could get even worse! Which, fine. There are worse things in the world than people disagreeing with you/me on the Internet.

What I will not stand for, however, is opposition to the whatever-you-want-to-call-it that is Himegami CRISIS, who are awesome, who graced the world with this: Continue reading

So Himegami CRISIS Is Awesome

A couple of days ago, folks were all a-flutter about something called “HIMEGAMI CRISIS.” I thought “that sounds vaguely familiar” and went right back to enjoying the delicious apple fritters that I like to make this time of year. Man, did I enjoy those fritters. Have you ever had apple fritters? They’re delicious, and so good in October. I usually go to the orchard/vineyard a few miles from Maniac Mansion and buy a quarter bushel and make all kinds of fritters and donuts and cakes and stuff. The people at Day Job are the real beneficiaries!

Of course, a man cannot be sustained on apple fritters alone, especially not when said man has himself a fancy-schmancy idol website, and I put away the confections for a minute to look into this thing. Why did it sound familiar? Had I once posted about it?

No, but I did once start a draft that I never published! Because as a self-styled dance-and-vocal unit, they technically are not idols! But I’ve never let that stop me before, so let’s pick up from there and see what everybody’s so excited about.

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