I Got a Bug for buGG

I haven’t been following buGG as closely as I probably should*, but I enjoyed them enough out of the gate to keep them in my regular “check up on these girls” queue, and I couldn’t have been happier with how they rewarded that yesterday, especially so in the context of the post immediately preceding this one. But for buGG: They have an EP out next week, and while they’ve been fairly tight-lipped about the contents, here’s some, and if isn’t a straight-up palate cleanser, I don’t know what is:

Cool that they filmed this at the same location as my last camping trip, apparently

Who wrote this song! This reminds me so much of some of the really classic idol rock (juxtaposed vs. mere idorock, note) from Peak Era Himekyun Fruit Can that I had to check to make sure that this wasn’t HKFC (shut up, I hadn’t had breakfast yet). This is kind of funny because you’d expect that, with their associations, they’d maybe sound more like one of their sister groups instead, but I am not ever going to complain about high-energy idol rock that takes me back to the days when the GOATs were active and amazing. Sure, buGG, go ahead and play that part!

Anyway, bonus live clip:

You should clearly be spending more time on buGG!