Idol Finds a Way

Read that in your best Goldblum voice

Well, I had a nice and happy and upbeat piece to get out this morning, but what to my awakening eyes did appear but absolutely the last tweet in the world that I ever wanted to see:

If you’ve done this whole idol thing for very long, you know what those messages mean: Nothing good. And in this case, click through and read to your heart’s content the short version of how Minna no Kodomo-chan, two-time Corenament champions, a project of epic and astounding vision, is being brought low and, goodness knows, possibly all the way out by the ongoing health concerns of Honoka.

First, most importantly, Honoka’s take on the whole thing:

And Cinnamon’s:

The whole thing, even bereft of music, feels like a dirge. Hell, Cinnamon’s statement is so short and abrupt that I at first thought that she was the one who was stepping away. Instead, it’s the usual idol “try my best” and all that.

But while we can (and should) mourn the loss of Honoka, it’s more important to note that, for all of that, the show must go on. The group raised 5 million yen for their big series of single releases and accompanying tour, and they don’t want to let their investors down. So what to do? Keep on truckin’! Or, rather, Cinnamon will keep on truckin’, and various guests will join her on the road to take Hono’s place.

It’s wild, but it just might work.

That’s good and all, but I’m left with this feeling of dread that the tour’s culmination will be the end of Minna no Kodomo-chan, and one of the most savagely musically savvy projects to hit the hard side of idol will fall prey to the vicissitudes that befall so many others. You want your favorites, just like your heroes, to be immune to this kind of thing, but all humans have limits. Fortunately, at least for now, humans are also driven and creative, too.