I don’t know about anybody else, because I have this fancy-pants idol website, I often find myself looking up fairly random things from the past to see what else is happening with them. Like, Koisuru Beat, I used to look them up all the time.* In this case, though, it’s not that random, as Daichi may be the second-favorite manager of the wider Western chika idol community, un-retired as he may be. And CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL, in addition to having an incredible name, could wind up being the recipient of his creative largesse.

Fortunately, this particular check-in bore fruit!

What say ye, Daichi?

Like, may all the gods bless Daichi. Even more than the interview, he’s the very rare idol manager (probably because he doesn’t really like it?) who is open about the creative process, from songwriting to performance planning to the ever-essential idol training, and he’s not afraid to show you a little bit. It’s cool.

Also cool? Booking a pretty big show even before the group officially debuts:

That’s pretty cool company.