This Thursday Hurts Day Goes out to the Ides of March

I missed Indie Idol Wednesday yesterday, shame on me, but Twitter & Friends provided even more bad news from the world of idol, and of course that happened on the day that Caesar was stabbed to death by a combination of trusted friends and bitter enemies. History!

And that’s what a pair of idol projects are now, unfortunately. No, I’m not referring to the soon-to-die Hauptharmonie (my soul will never recover), but to one group that I used to think had a real chance to do something, and another that seemed like they were right on the cusp and in fact had been active and stuff lately. They’re dead/dying.

First up, Koisuru Beat. I really only got to look at them once, and almost a year ago at that, but had recently learned that they’d had some management/membership issues of their own and were operating as a solo effort. Well, they won’t be operating as anything anymore:

And this literally three days after calling for auditions. Rough one, and it’s a shame how these things shake out, but getting any real longevity in idol is basically a miracle, anyway, so hopefully the past unpleasantness doesn’t leave the ex-members without positive experiences and a chance to keep idoling if they want to.

This next one, though, is a little bigger.

Also via Martin, who you should follow

PIIIIIII, or I guess just PIIIIIIN now, and soon to be PN, are shutting it down with a live dissolution performance/party. That at least is the right way to go out, but damn; PIIIIIII was one of my personal little pleasures in idol, a group that packed a ton of fun and excitement into their material and tended to get some down-ticket SCRAMBLES music to work with. And this when just a little while ago they were hosting live auditions and letting fans decide.

According to A-to-J (hi guys! especially Tiffany!), this is literally a case of a bunch of teenagers going “You know what? Work’s hard, and this is hard, and I’m not sure that I’m feeling all of you other people here, so … l8s.” Which, yes, that’s perfectly acceptable, and it sure beats the alternative.

Let this be a lesson to you: Always beware the Ides of March, and especially stay the hell away from guys in togas with knives. Oh and also never idol.