I’m Refraining from a Barry Bonds Joke: Meet Asterisk

All right, all right, I feel like it’s necessary to play some catch-up after flubbing the entire weekend and Monday (except Oshi Worship), so bear with me on … wait, there are still a ton of new idols to get out there? Let’s do it!

I thought it was funny that, on the same day that I hit publish on that whole PassCode thing, this suddenly kind-of-active unit came across the airwaves:

That’s Asterisk (Twitter), and that’s some weird congruence.

This is plenty loud:

And very idol

Now, there are four of them, but the website suggests that only two of them are full members, and the other two candidates; regardless, they’re all part of a bigger unit by their company (I think, I didn’t look tremendously closely), which winds up reminding me so much of the poor, benighted Arrow Heart that I want to pre-emptively send them regrets gifts.

The live:

Not bad, chika idols. Keep grinding.

2 thoughts on “I’m Refraining from a Barry Bonds Joke: Meet Asterisk

  1. I misread the title and clicked through.
    To say I’m disappointing is an understatement. I was looking forward to seeing an idol group based on the theme of ancient Gauls.

    It could work I feel.

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