I Believe That It Can Now Be Confirmed That the New 2& Single Is Great

“Naw,” I said, thinking of money spent and unspent and obligations looming, “I’ll have to pass.”

That right there was me a few weeks ago when offered a chance to score a copy of Saki’s latest 2& single. I like Saki’s work, quite a bit in fact, but the truth is that I make so few actual purchases of idol CDs, and “lately” has been a really long time of not wanting to splurge on things that didn’t necessarily need to be splurged on. I talk myself through these moments by focusing on what’s right in front, by ignoring the Fear Of Missing Out that led Young Maniac to make all kinds of terrible, impulsive decisions, and I look for (almost always legal and morally sound!) ways to access new music. Hell, ask the poor guy who thought he was going to sell me a whole mess of sure-to-be-difficult-to-acquire-in-the-future Yanamyu stuff recently; I don’t have a polite, family-friendly metaphor for how hard I pulled out of that discussion once the dollar amounts started to get kicked around.

Anyway! Saki. Her single is out, and she has a new MV to promote it!

Thank you, Am I Real?

If you read Krv’s dispatch from 2& Day, you may recall “Koboreochi”; not because you heard it, because you did not, but because it came up, and because you really enjoyed that post and the feeling of being in a 2& Family cluster despite possibly being thousands of miles away.

And it’s really dang good, isn’t it? Way back when, when I was still getting my head around Guso Drop, I was aware of 2& but didn’t really appreciate it (though I did enjoy the really early videos, back when it actually did have two members); Saki’s work was kind of oblique to me or something. Once that ball started to roll, though, it was clear that this was another kind of project altogether, and that Saki had talent coming out of her eyeballs. I had hoped that her departure from Guso Drop would give 2& more room to grow, and I’m glad that, original pronouncement to the contrary, she stuck with idol as a way of doing business. And rumors of her branching out even further are a-flutter!

So good work, Saki. You’re a busy person, but try to put out more stuff more often, please and thanks.