I Am So Sorry for Ever Having Doubted You, ayukuma

I have not been too shy when it comes to discussing my general antipathy toward former partycore bear idols ayumikurikamaki ever since they were struck with a horrible curse (we can call it, Getting a Major Label Deal!) and being confined to human form, which seems to have sucked little fun from the members but a lot of the awesome out of their music. They partly righted the ship, and then did a nice job following up on that, but I desperately missed the idols who did “JET KUMA STAR” and, no matter how generally supportive I was of the look they were going for on this new album, I was skeptical. After all, in idol, the line between edgy and cringy is a thing one anymore.

I am so, so sorry for having had any doubts:

Thank you, Mr. Major

Listen to that dang song! It’s not the ayukuma that I wanted, but it’s definitely one that I’ll take. I didn’t know they were capable of getting so loud!

What I shared with you is a Google Drive file that Mr. Viz Major uploaded for the world’s enjoyment, as the YouTube Red racket has many a Japanese label and management company restricting access abroad. However, if you are able to view the thing on its proper home, you should do so.

I am suddenly very interested in this album and may make the desperate move of actually trying to buy it. Madness!