Oshi Digest #29: Pantheon

Oshi, I am so sorry for having not had a great opportunity to do the Digest these last few days. Please, when the time that we agreed to does come, make my departure from this earthly plane as agonizing as possible.

I thought it was interesting that, over the past week, most of what Oshi has been up to has been a general rubbing of shoulders with other idol deities, creating several situations in which I just could not even.

For instance:

August, meet October

Or when the too-natural relationship between NECRONOMIDOL and DEMON TAPES bore fruit:

With Oshi’s oshi!

And Oshi also hung out with Kinda Also Oshi But In A Different Way:

And who can forget about the tour?

Oshi seems to be so impressed with all of this raw idol power that she can’t even use a couch properly!

Additionally, Necroma is re-releasing their first single, with vocals updated for the current membership:

Enjoy, completists!

3 thoughts on “Oshi Digest #29: Pantheon

  1. Surprisingly, in our human years she only just turned 21. But that is just in her current form. Her true age may not be measurable in our paradigm. She was old when the Old Ones shambled across dimensions to inhabit our planet. She chanted invocations with them, conspired with them and plotted with them in the darkest recesses of the underworld, until the day arrived she could assume her current conformation and walk amongst us. Alas the poor timid soul who dares displease her or even looks at her askance or without due respect. He shall be promptly cast down into the pit which cannot be named, to be devoured slowly over eons, his soul consumed at leisure by her loyal abominations. Be careful, young man, as to who you idolize. Great care must be taken.

      • It must be destiny. A while back I read the complete works of HP Lovecraft and shortly thereafter I discovered Necronomidol. Nothing happens by accident.
        And thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip your waitresses.

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