How about a Change of Pace from Babyraids JAPAN?

“Oh cool,” quoth I, “there’s a new Babyraids video! And it looks really pro and idoly — I can only imagine what kind of song we’ll get out of it!”


Now, I’ll confess, I actually like it. Not as much as the last one, or the one before that, or … well, I probably like everything else from what I know of the Babyraids more. Which is fine! While it’s true that second place is the first loser, it’s just as true if not more so that having the slowest gold-medal 100m time in history still makes you a gold medal-winner. Perspective!

Also, the song sounds like Michelle Branch was enlisted to write for idols, and I’m perfectly okay with that, too.

As a bonus to you, ponycanyon also published this cut from their live DVD*:

*It’s incidentally the last one; I just forgot to write about it

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