Ooooo! New Babyraids JAPAN!

Come on, you know you thought the same thing when you saw the song title:

Now this is more of what I’m asking for when I say “idorock please,” not the purely over-the-top stripper madness of Pretty WOMAN. Babyraids is more of what you’re getting when you like a little bit of distortion over your tradol; for all the fun that comes with their music (and often their videos!), you’re ultimately in a pretty safe, conservative space.

In fact, I’ll use Babyraids JAPAN as an example of where I’m coming from with a lot of the not-underground rock-sound idols — I will enjoy and share the work of Babyraids JAPAN because they’re one of the great harbingers of idorock in the world; in no way do I find them to be alt, anti or anything; they just do music that’s of a particular stripe (most of the time) because it’s their shtick, and, as idols are wont to do, they do their shtick. Like, Lespros ain’t exactly a small shop, and I think they’re just fine with the industry as it is, and if idol moves even further toward, say, hip-hop over rock as its primary niche market, then sure, I could see Babyraids reorient, even going so far as to switch up centers.

But I digress! Is “OOOOO” a good song? It certainly is a fun one! Is it very summery and right on point? Definitely! Is it perhaps a nice palate cleanser and/or change of pace after that earlier business? Your mileage may vary!