HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI Has Been Dropping Lots of Singles So Let’s Listen to Them

I can’t even remember why I wrote “Himego” in my little running notes document — smartphones! — a few days ago, but it definitely did act as a prompt to look up the never-followed-enough-come-on-you-guys HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI and have several lovely surprises in a row, and I’m going to share them with you even though the first has been completely ruined by the post title.

First! Holy hell, of course there’s a physical release on the way, but I had no idea that Himegoto was dropping digital singles all over the virtual airwaves, like almost one every two weeks since the start of the year:

And the latest:

There are actually plenty more not included here, and just like these examples they run the gamut, so go listen to their dang Spotify or other streaming service of your preference and then find a way to send them money. Daichi works so dang hard to make these passion projects work, and of course the idols are right there with him doing the actual performing — like, make it worth their while! I’d say that I really want at least one of these McDog units to pan out, but, uh, Himegoto’s several years old now and has outlasted every other unit that Daichi either inaugurated or managed (afaik), so that’s actually pretty cool.

Also pretty cool, and the other surprise? They apparently did a commercial: