I Would Like to Draw Your Attention to HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI: The Movie

There’s basically nothing else to say, actually. HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI did a movie, or what’s more accurately viewed as a series of short films (one per member) or some kind of anthology, Repeat negative morning, and put them on YouTube and now you can watch them. I’ve now seen parts of all of them, of course with a limited understanding of what’s actually happening, and I definitely want to give credit where it’s due — they look and sound great, and the idols (seem to, idk) do just fine as actors.

So here you go!

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HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI Has Been Dropping Lots of Singles So Let’s Listen to Them

I can’t even remember why I wrote “Himego” in my little running notes document — smartphones! — a few days ago, but it definitely did act as a prompt to look up the never-followed-enough-come-on-you-guys HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI and have several lovely surprises in a row, and I’m going to share them with you even though the first has been completely ruined by the post title.

First! Holy hell, of course there’s a physical release on the way, but I had no idea that Himegoto was dropping digital singles all over the virtual airwaves, like almost one every two weeks since the start of the year:

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Get a Load of What Will Be a New HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI Song

And in keeping that stupid narrative thread together (don’t worry, it ends here unless I get bored again), because I’m apparently a chump and did the whole “oh right, Daichi” thing as my Christmas was being ruined by other loud idols, it took no time at all to venture toward for-a-hot-minute former sister group of Guso Drop and never sister group of BURST GIRL but definitely a group that also managed to try to ruin my Christmas except it was actually just their manager HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, because that’s how curiosity works, and of course there was something there, that’s how having Christmas ruined works.

What was it? A new song, one that will be Himegoto’s:

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It’s good to see that Daichi’s keeping busy during his retirement. We’ve heard it in snippet form, but now here’s “Seisan Kakkei” from the white version of HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI’s double single “±0”:

Tell me if there’s something that I’m missing as to why it’s called “equilateral triangle”

I swear it, Himegoto exists just to force people into those uncomfortable moments. Unless, of course, four minutes of unbroken eye contact with a complete stranger is something that you’re into. I don’t judge! Continue reading


I hate forgetting about idol units. I particularly hate forgetting about idol units that are part of stables that I happen to appreciate, like Daichi’s A-minor; shorn as it is of Guso Drop and kinda-sorta Saki and Fumimi (and whatever in-between world Zekkyou currently inhabits), there’s still more there than just Chikeblo. And that more? HIMEGOTTO ZETTAICHI!

But did I forget about them? Kind of. One of you kids were sharing them on Facebook the other day, and I made myself a literal head-slap moment because, wtf Maniac, don’t you remember how much you appreciated one of the most disturbed-yet-accessible units out there?

The news is, they’re putting out a single, with a still-indeterminate release date:

The general details:

I have to say, I dig the black/white plus/minus concept. The music’s pretty solid, too; there’s something about the juxtaposition of Daichi’s harder-edged songwriting and very kawaii voices that’s exceedingly extra, and I enjoy extra when it’s properly applied.

This post was held up for a minute because their one-man was over the weekend, and I wanted to see if anything would come of it, like … another one-man!

There’s also something about getting drunk with the members; what the heck is the legal drinking age in Japan?

The one-man:

I Am Intrigued by This New One from HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI

A conversation with Krv the other day got me wondering about soon-to-be-former Guso Drop sister group HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, who hadn’t added anything to Soundcloud in a while and seem to fly below the radar more than they should, possibly just on account of the tumult around A-minor, still being pretty new, etc.

I didn’t actually follow up on the thought right away; rather, Twitter made the connection for me:

Gee, that’s a nice song. I wonder what it’s about — the last time Himegoto put out a nice-sounding song, it turned out to be not nice at all! If only there were a way to tell– Continue reading

I Interview Idol (Managers): Daichi

I alluded to this one yesterday, team, and I’m still buzzing a little bit from getting a chance to have a real-deal conversation with the man behind Guso Drop, 2&, Hoshina Fumimi, Himegoto Zettaichi, ancillarily Screaming Sixties, formerly Poroporo Baroque, and so on. Folks have been dying to know the score ever since it was announced a few weeks ago that Guso Drop was going to disband, and, while Daichi has been pouring his heart out on Twitter, there have been oh so many questions.

Krv is the real hero here — because he’s friends with Daichi in addition to being a fan, he offered to hook up an interview, and then provided real-time translation over LINE, and at an ungodly hour for his timezone to boot. I have the patrons to thank, too, for providing a really good starting place in terms of questions and topics. I ultimately cut this about in half by combining thoughts and letting Daichi do some of the driving, but I hope that we were able to get to the gist of what you were curious about.

I was just hoping that I wasn’t going to offend anybody.

So! Have you ever wanted to get into the head of an idol manager? What about an idol manager who’s in the midst of ending his flagship project? Or an idol manager who’s always looked at himself as a musician first? Or even just a guy who’d say:

If he throws a dinner party with human flesh on the menu, I’d probably go along!

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It’s a Thursday Hurtsday Family Reunion!

You know what’s really satisfying about having put together a few thousand posts about a few hundred idols? It feels like there’s always something to talk about, even something new. I started dedicating little content spots over the course of the week to regulate that a bit. Thursday Hurtsday, though, can be a little difficult to meet up with, to the point that I sometimes have to stretch the concept to make it work.

Fortunately, this week has a bunch of really loud stuff!

The other night, the A-minor family (well, most of it, the part of the family under Daichi) did a bill all together, and one familiarly helpful YouTuber captured and uploaded the entire blessed thing: Continue reading

Start Your Day Right with HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI

Happy Monday, friends! I’m hoping that some of the pieces that hit over the weekend are a precursor to big things to come for this week, because it’s been slo-o-o-ow out there lately, to the point that a lot of the fresh blood isn’t even all that interesting.

Speaking of things to hit over the weekend, remember HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, the latest project from the A-minor stable that brings us Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties et al? And remember that tremendously creepy-ass stalker song of theirs that put a whole new spin on “that sounds like tradol, Maniac, what’s the matter with you?”

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This WTF Might Be the Most WTF in the History of Tuesday WTFs

Friends, you know how I like to get a little weird around here; the WTF Tuesday is mostly just an excuse to home in on something particularly strange.

I have a few candidates, but if you recall this past Weekender, I called out the newest A-minor debutantes, HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, for having put a new track on Soundcloud that was … well, it sounds nice. Like an idol song! Which is their business (or Daichi’s, I presume) to do as they see fit; I just thought it was a little out of character for the family that brings us Guso Drop and Screaming Sixties to be passing some tradol for the sake of it.

And then our dude Pukovnik Krv stepped to the plate to offer up this nugget: It sounds nice, but you gotta see the lyrics. And then he sent me a translation. Continue reading