I Would Like to Draw Your Attention to HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI: The Movie

There’s basically nothing else to say, actually. HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI did a movie, or what’s more accurately viewed as a series of short films (one per member) or some kind of anthology, Repeat negative morning, and put them on YouTube and now you can watch them. I’ve now seen parts of all of them, of course with a limited understanding of what’s actually happening, and I definitely want to give credit where it’s due — they look and sound great, and the idols (seem to, idk) do just fine as actors.

So here you go!

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HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI Has Been Dropping Lots of Singles So Let’s Listen to Them

I can’t even remember why I wrote “Himego” in my little running notes document — smartphones! — a few days ago, but it definitely did act as a prompt to look up the never-followed-enough-come-on-you-guys HIMEGOTOZETTAICHI and have several lovely surprises in a row, and I’m going to share them with you even though the first has been completely ruined by the post title.

First! Holy hell, of course there’s a physical release on the way, but I had no idea that Himegoto was dropping digital singles all over the virtual airwaves, like almost one every two weeks since the start of the year:

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