Himegami CRISIS Is Hanging ’em Up, But We Get a Nice Parting Shot

“Oh neat,” said I somewhat aloud as I looked at the tweet from Himegami CRISIS with a YouTube link in it, “a YouTube link from Himegami CRISIS!” Click, open, confirm: Yes, new video! What else is on their Tw–


Four years together is pretty good, especially for a unit that idols but operates on a different plane — there have been lots of dance-centric power units over the years, and off the top of my head I can’t think of more than a couple that really lasted more than a year or two. Dance is hard work, period, and when you’re good enough at it and your music allows for you to take it in directions that most idol units wouldn’t even dream, then your reward is that it’s even harder, and I imagine that the scene isn’t crawling with enough aficionados to make superior dance technique and choreography into a career-cincher.

As a parting gift to anybody who can’t be at the farewell gig next week, Himegami CRISIS leaves us:

Spelling aside

Good move. Nice power ballad, stay in your sweet spot as performers, go for that maximum emotion.

If you’re new to all of this, there’s not really time to “get into” the group in the usual way, but I definitely recommend going back through their YouTube a bit (I think you anime kids will particularly enjoy it). Cool group, good concept, excellent execution. This was a unit that I always felt like I could have done more to support.

Sayonara, Himegami CRISIS.