Erisu Goes ‘Battlestar Galactica’

I wish more idols had the sheer gusto of Erisu. They’ve been officially a thing for six? seven months? And yeah, a lot of new units pump out a lot of content early to build a fan base, and then from there I presume that the business logic is to spend judiciously, release strategically and hold on for dear life as the consecutive percussive waves of flavors of the month roll on and on toward the little niche of recognition you built for yourself. But isn’t Erisu in an interesting position? Based in Italy, under absolutely none of the same kind of performance pressure of every other idol unit in existence, and as true a passion project as you’re going to find, they get to do what they want how they want and when they want, and damn if they don’t do it well.

The announcement of the new EP with the kind of prog-or-Fall-Out-Boy title that I love hasn’t even been out all that long, I don’t think, but I knew that I didn’t want to miss the drop. And I was right! You don’t either. This is taking your “idols have a concept” concept and running it to absolute exhaustion. If you’re gonna go, kids, go hard:

Creativity and want-to can go such a long-ass way if your concept is sound. The song’s neat, sure — as long as you like gothy near-prog with themes of alien goddesses and secret origins of the human species, you’re going to like Erisu — but I’m in love with how a clear idea and a story to tell was executed simply-but-innovatively-and-self-awarely into a legitimately good MV.

The EP is out now and so fresh that I haven’t even listened to half of it yet, so let’s all do it together:

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