High-stakes Drama the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen!

I just keep giggling about this. I really don’t know.

You tell me. Honestly. What the hell all is going on here? Idol Cannonball Run: The Motion Picture would create the single hottest holiday toy craze in history — vomit-inducing hot sauce! ill-fitting fitness wear! gratuitous bikini tops! — if it lived up to half of its potential. Like, AV vs. MV? More like Pour Lewd amirite?

I’m trying to imagine Watanabe as a film mogul the likes of which … well, we’d need a hashtag campaign the likes of which we’ve never seen by the time he was done.

There are other details and stuff. I’m sure some of it is important. That’s the trailer, though, and please excuse me while I go watch it again with a dumbfounded look on my face instead of contributing a single thing of substance to this post other than to highlight the film’s existence.

4 thoughts on “High-stakes Drama the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen!

  1. The *original* Cannonball doc’s translation campaign got a generous boost this week. We’re 82.5% of the way to funding Disc 1 😀

  2. I believe this is the third Cannonball Run?
    BiS and BiSH both had one, and it was my understanding that this one was all of the girls, including Gang Parade.

    What it is, at least what BiSH’s was (the only one I’ve watched), is WACK splits the girls into groups, gives each group around $1k and a cameraman, and says “Get from point A to point B as fast as possible with no help from staff or friends. Loser gets traumatized”.

    AiNA and Hug Mii lost the BiSH run and were thrown off a bridge (bungie jumping). Best part about it for me was that the cameraman suffers their fate alongside them.

    From what I’ve gathered in my digs (lol), the AV vs MV thing is Hug Mii’s doing. Given her affinity for porn, in one of the Runs she essentially filmed a fake porn intro with the cameraman to stir controversy and generate buzz.

    The 2017 Run just showed in theaters, so I’m hoping that we get to see it soon; if it’s anything like the BiSH one I watched (which is on YouTube btw), it’s one hell of a bizarre ride to witness.

      • That could be it too, though I’m pretty sure that it IS still just a play on what Hug Mii did previously.

        As far as your experience with the AV actor at the event, that’s definitely part of WACK and co.’s “anti-idol” approach.

        Worshiping the purity of the girls (including virginity) is a part of Idol as a whole, so what better way to fly in the face of that than relationships with AV and its stars? I mean hell, BiSH’s ‘IDOL & SEX’ shirts had a porn distributor’s logo on it (HMJM): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQM3q5TVQAAQhIh.jpg

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