Celebrate What Least You’d Want to See in the Friday Fun

I want to give yet another formal apology on behalf of Homicidols. Two weeks ago I did a graduation-themed Friday Fun, only to accidentally trigger Pour Lui to announce her own graduation, cementing me as the cursed wota, so last week to make up for it, I tried to make a Friday Fun based on our hopes and dreams so that maybe, just maybe, we’ll get something good from idol for a change. And nothing happened! So once again, sorry I only ever jinx the worst part of idol, but for now why not browse over what you all wanted last week?

Let’s talk about photobooks for a second. About 90 percent of the time, its usually the same-old same-old; pics of your faves posing in bikinis, maybe doing other irrelevant things, because lets face it, you just came for the bikini-clad girls, admit it. Then every now and then, we’ll get a photobook with an actual concept. I mean sure, there’s usually still bikinis involved, but its themed bikinis!

One of my favourite idol photobooks is Michishige Sayumi’s Sayuminglandoll, which is full of cute and quirky pics of Sayu in various costumes like Alice In Wonderland or 60’s housewife.

Have you got any ideas for some creative, or maybe horrible, photoshoots? Here’s where this week comes in! Come up with some bizarre photoshoot concepts and tweet them at us with the hashtag #RejectedPhotobookConcepts and pray for me as I desperately try to reach for more Friday Fun ideas.

Maniac: I don’t know why she kvetches so; Kerrie’s Funs never fail to delight